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Thread: Rainbow Six 4

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    They seriously gotta come up with better names then Rainbow Six Four

    In the near future, a global terrorist network threatens to strike with a terrifying nanotech virus but the target is uncertain.

    Rainbow, an international elite counter-terrorism unit is spearheading a new war on terror. They are the only one who can save millions of innocent lives threaten by radical terrorists.

    But this terrorist network is also packing state-of-the-art weapons, and they're using Rainbow's tactics against them. Ambushed and outnumbered, the members of Team Rainbow must find the strength to defeat their most dangerous enemies yet. When Team Rainbow is personally attacked close-quarter battles reach unprecedented levels of tension and intensity.

    You lead Team Rainbow. You do not negotiate with terror. You destroy it.

    This teaser trailer offers some in-game footage as well as a dramatization of the basic points of the storyline asnd introduces Mr. Weber, the new sniper Rainbow Six 3 team member.


    and if that doesnt work (probably cuz of no ddls) then go here and manually download it:
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    is it more arcadey now or is it like the third but they stuck all the action together in the video?

    they should put better AI in it too.

    sorry, i just wanted to post something
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