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Thread: Battlefield Vietnam

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    k, i dl this shiet and used Alcohol 120 burned it and have it installed. Everything went smoothly but then when i try to play it it says "Please insert the correct CD rom" even though i have the CD1 in there, tried the No-CD crack, none of the patch wok, so any comment guyz?

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    Are you sure you applying the nocd right?

    Read the .nfo files, the isntructions are there.

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    does the no cd crack outdate the game version, that is if there is more than one version and by version I don't mean like expansion or whatever I meanlike the updates you get when you first play multiplayer on the net.

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    oki, the game was version v1.0 and i tried alot of patches for that version but it just that the crack files are corrupted, anybody know or have the working right crack. thanks

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    Is it a verified?

    Is there an nfo file?

    What client did you use to dl it?


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