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Thread: Fake Movies

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    new so dont get pissed

    i have dled alot of movies as of late and the majority of them wont play. just a quick list
    1 the core
    2 basic
    3 anger management
    4 matrix reloaded

    i thought that maybe i didnt have the right codec for the movies. maybe they are just fake, but if they are fake who is making them, and why do people keep them.

    thanks for any and all replys

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    this is because, I believe, that a lot of people put on movies which represent what the size would be but the only thing there is a black screen and no audio otherwise they just make the file crash.

    most of these movies have not been released go to verified in movies and search for the core that is released on CAM but not screener I think, and i doubt anyone would get mad at you when you are new. Everyone has to start somewhere, even the best of us.

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    IS this meant to be a tips?

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    Try renaming files to .wmv seems to help me out alot of times. Also try downloadning and installing ace codec. Hope this helps

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    There are a lot of fakes on Kazaa, idiots just think its funny to rename the files.....its particularly bad on can just use the verifieds but be prepared for a long wait...I have been waiting for about a week for 2 Sims verifieds and not got a single k yet...

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    3 anger management
    4 matrix reloaded

    these movies didn't come out yet, maybe they did i know for a fact you wont get them searching kazaa, you need to search them through this forum, don't download them off kazaa without checking here first.

    PS> topic should be moved. this isn't tips. looks like filesharing topic.

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    A good place to find movies to irc thats where i allways get my dvd screeners and my preleased movies LIKE I GOT

    1.anger management booth
    3.the core
    5. ECT........................


    Board rule: max 500x150 Pixels (w x h)

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    yea try renaming the files sometimes works but most time i have problems with it...

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    If you get it from IRC or somewhere else, then share it on the fasttrack network so it can spread over here. No sense in hogging it and hogging it all for yourself now.

    Besides, that's how nearly all of the files on the fasttrack network got here. They were from a different network or area before.

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    Actually there are many fake files because of thwe companies trying to ruin kazaa

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