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Thread: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within [FIX]??

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    what is this file? do i need it to work the game?

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    Feb 2003
    check to see which version is working (not nuked) and if there are any patch released.

    I havent seen any site which noticed that there was a patch for Prince of Persia 2

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    i saw the fix on suprnova. and i cant get in i get The page cannot be displayed

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    nvmind now its working but they dont have prince of persia for the pc

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    Apr 2003
    nforce don't have the nfo for this release. i'm 20 from the game and i already got the fix. here's the nfo:

    Q% Q%
    Q% f% f% T%P%P%P%P%P%f%P%P%P%P%P%W% Q%
    Q% Q% Q% Q% Q%
    Q% Z%W% T%]% T%P%P%P%W% T%P%P%P%W% T%P%P%P%W% Q% T%P%P%P%W% T%P%P%P%W% T%W% T%W% Q%
    Q% Q% T%W% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q%Z%f%]%Q% Q%
    Q% Z%W% T%]%Z%W% T%]% `%P%P%c% `%P%P%c% `%P%P%c% Q% `%P%P%c% `%P%P%P%c% Q% Q% Q% Q%
    Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q% Q%
    Q% Z%f%]% Z%f%]% Z%P%P%P%]% Z%P%P%P%]% Z%P%P%P%]% i% Z%P%P%P%]% i% i% i% i% Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% P r i n c e o f P e r s i a : W a r r i o r W i t h i n ( C ) U b i s o f t Q%
    Q% R e l e a s e D a t e : 1 - 1 2 - 2 0 0 4 P r o t e c t i o n : S a f e d i s c Q%
    Q% N u m o f r a r ' s : 7 x 1 5 G a m e T y p e : A c t i o n Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% R e l e a s e N o t e s Q%
    Q% - - - - - - - - - - - - - Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% T h i s r a r c o n t a i n s a f i x t o o u r p r e v i o u s r e l e a s e w i t h t h e Q%
    Q% s a m e n a m e . Q%
    Q% I t f i x e s t h e p r o b l e m w i t h t h e b o a t c u t - s c e n e v i d e o , w i t h o u t Q%
    Q% i t y o u c a n ' t c o n t i n u e p l a y i n g , a n d i t ' l l p r o m p t y o u o u t t o Q%
    Q% d e s k t o p . Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% I n s t a l l N o t e s Q%
    Q% - - - - - - - - - - - - - Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% 1 . U n r a r t h e P O P 2 F I X f i l e s i n t o " V i d e o \ C I N E " f o l d e r Q%
    Q% o v e r w r i t t i n g t h e o l d o n e . Q%
    Q% 2 . E n j o y ! ! ! Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% " P u t a W e e e i n y o u r l i f e . . . " Q%
    Q% Q%
    Q% T h a n k s t o a l l g r o u p s t h a t r e l e a s e s g a m e s t o p e o p l e l i k e Q%
    Q% u s , l i k e y o u , l i k e e v e r y b o d y w h o n e e d s t o p l a y a g a m e Q%
    Q% Q%
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    is there any way i can burn the warior within with the fix installed?

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    Which files on torrent spy need the fix? All of them?

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    the fix is a mini-image that u mount or burn and the game willl werk, but there is a dvd version out now, fullly cracked and werking

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    is there anyway i can burn the game with the fix installed?
    I the end I - the ony by weeteam. the file names prince4
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    I've tried looking for this single file... but have had no such luck..
    is their a place that jst has this one file that will fix the problem.. I dont really wanna re-download another one

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