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Thread: Video Capture

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    I have a sony dv cam and ive been capturing film through my firewire for a while now. One day it stopped working. The capture screen on all of my programs (pinnacle, adobe, vegas) is now blank.

    My computer recognises the camera nd card. I have tried re-installing and removing xp sp2 but still have not gotten this to work.

    So i suspect it may be a codec problem. Can anyone help me out?

    edit: I just tried using it with Ulead Videostudio and i get this eror message

    Unable to switch to capture mode.
    Check if your capture drive is working properly.

    Failed to build a preview graph.

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    are you using a firewire add-in card or intergrated on another device.If so the card may be unseated,after so much use.Tell then adieu
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