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    Can someone please post the hash to Neverwinter Nights ISOs.
    I have searched for the ones mentioned in posts but as no hashes I'm unsure which ones to download since I get several different ones with the same size and seem to be a mix of .exe, .iso & .bin.


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    im not good with hashes, but heres the files i got, and they worked fine. i just cant play online cuz i cant find a serial that works:
    On the KaZaA File Search Page:
    Neverwinter Nights CD 1 deviance (346,166kb)
    Neverwinter nights CD 2 deviance (577,723kb)
    Neverwinter Nights CD 3 (680, 198)(says "DEViANCE release" under developer)

    get those then burn them or whatever, and if you find a keygen that works, share it


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