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Thread: Your Favorite Movie Players

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    i've always used windows media player 8, but i've gotten bored of it and feel i'm not getting the most out of my media player

    so which one is the best?
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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough

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    BS. withoiut a dout

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    MediaPlayerClassic, ZoomPlayer, BSPlayer

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    WMPlayer 9

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    I downloaded both the fusion and bs players. What I found with the two of them is this:

    bs plays well on beefy systems, clean picture

    fusion plays well on underpowered systems, fuzzy picture quality

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    This very topic comes up every couple months minimum. I use various players, but my favorite for least amount of system resources used and glitch free playback is DIVX Lunacy, however in order to totally apreciate it you would need to have the system settings for your video card set properly, lunacy has a light background for widescreen movies, sucks, unless you have your system set to take care of that as I do.

    WMP 8 is fine if you have enough resources and are not running too many other programs, Lunacy lets me to download and watch movies all at the same time without any playback issues.

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    I have tried a lot and am now using mostly Zoomplayer
    although bsplayer is also nice ,what I don't want are nonsense things like
    skins,themes and doubtful plugins so onthe bottom of
    the list are winamp & windows mediaplayer. B)
    For mpg & dvd's I'm now trieing out Ndvd-player (from Nvidia)so far
    it leaves a good impression.

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    I haven't seen anyone mention RealOne Player. Is this not considered to be any good?

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    Originally posted by robnyt@1 April 2003 - 05:03
    I haven't seen anyone mention RealOne Player. Is this not considered to be any good?
    it worth %@#$%
    just kidding, i'm using BS player


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