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Thread: werid windows problem need help

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    Hello people, recently my computer is experiencing strange problems, symtom is that the system reboots itself as if the reset button has be pushed(no windows xp shut down sequence, it went straight to the black screen of system bootup). It happended a lot lately, sometimes i turned on the pc for 2 mins and it rebooted, sometimes longer, like 20mins but sometimes it never rebooted.

    I am using windows xp profesional, sp2, and have lots of programs installed. it's likely to be a software problem. I used Norton Anti Vurus to system check the whole computer but no virus was found. I wonder if scandisk will help? Or do u recommend any pc diagnose software that may be useful to check my problems? thanks in advance.

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    Right-click My Computer, select Properties, click the Advanced tab, click the Settings button in the bottom section labelled Startup and Recovery and remove the tick (checkmark) from the Automatically restart option in the System Failure section.
    This will not fix the problem you have; what it will do, is stop the computer resetting when there is a serious problem, and bring up the usual BSOD (blue Screen Of Death) that previous versions of Windows showed. When the BSOD comes up (and it will if the restting is regular), write down everything that appears on the screen; you can Google for parts of this and often get accurate pointers to the source of the instability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 15%

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    i think it's more like a hardware problem.
    having the computer rebooting by itself is a serious problem (BSOD screen will tell more) and must be diagnose as soon as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai

    Nice try you 2, but Im not convinced....
    When does spyware cause BSOD??

    My moneys on the hardware / driver failure

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    I serious doubt its Spyware unless that the cuplprit of everything these days...

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    Yup. Do as Smurfette said. Disable the automatic restart feature and then report back what error message you get on the blue screen.


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