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Thread: question about other p2p program Es5

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    Have you seen the ES5 forums. Some of the posts there boast way too much about how their program is greater than all the others. Check this out:

    My point was that Kazaa and many other P2P programs are full of incomplete files, or files that contain malicious code. ESV will be doing VERIFIED FILES. If the file is passed from one user to another, and at some point becomes altered, when it is transfered thereafter, it will become non-verified, and that makes us superior to other programs. That is what the hashing is all about.

    Believe me, I dont have time nor desire to thrash on Kazaa or any other P2P Program, however it is very important that users understand the difference between ESV and other programs.

    ESV is not just another P2P Program. Our Network is not just another Network. When I say that, I explain what the differences are so that people understand. Ultimately, people will always do what is good for them. ESV is new in the market, and it is important that people understand the simplest of details.

    It is a documented fact that KAZAA contains an abonormally large number of VIRUS INFECTED FILES, and a more abnormal amount of files that have been tampered with or are incomplete.

    Most computer users today use Anti-Virus software. But how many users spend days downloading movies only to view 10 minutes of the movie and realize that the movie comes up with a commercial that says "Hey, you are indulging in piracy and are in contempt of infringement of copyrighted material"! That shit not only bumbs a user out, but also frieks them out. Many media files include hidden plugins. Those are worst than trojan and virii.

    Shouldn't people know that ESV has solved that problem by doing verified files that cannot be tampered with?

    There are many things about Kazaa that make Kazaa less attractive than ESV to the common user. For example, ESV can penetrate a firewall. All American Universities have limited the students from using Kazaa on their computer systems. They can use ESV and enjoy the speed. Is it not okay that I mention the differences?

    Again, ESV is a free program. I am not marketing anything. I just know the ins-and-outs of the program and the information should be compared with other programs because overall, ESV wants to recognized as the number #1 program in the world. We want the challenge, cause we got what we believe to be the best technical team in the world. Kazaa is a very popular program that many use. K++ offers no adware. But there is much more to P2P than the no adware/spyware. People can stop thanking K++ for giving them no adware. We believe at ESV that everything must be compared with the market and that we must be superior to all to ensure that our users are getting the BEST.

    Most people are into P2P for FAST DOWNLOAD CONNECTIONS, REAL FILES THAT ARE COMPLETE, PORN & SEX, and people want to feel SAFE without being afraid that their IP address is revealed.

    ESV provides that and lots more. So overall, yes, I do think its okay to compare cause I yet to hear about another P2P program that will be OVERALL superior to ESV after our launch date. That is not a dare nor threat, we here at ESV really want to be the best, and not just for ourselves, but for you and users like yourself!
    It's still only in the beta stages of development. How can they say it will be the best?

    To all the mods and admins: feel free to edit my posts in this topic and highlight anything else which is false or funny

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    There is almost no content on their network. I have already got 99% of all movies they got.

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    I can't speak for everyone, but I'm not into downloading porn and sex onto my computer. I really don't need to. I've only ever recieved two fake files among the thousands of files I've downloaded. Two. I've never recieved an incomplete file.

    I don't think ESV can penetrate a firewall, any firewall. If (in the case of universities, which is what this seems to regard) the guy knows what he's doing, it's not able to be breached. Not easily, and not undetectably.

    I'd also like to see where this documented fact is. Comparing the size of the Fasttrack network to the amount of users to the amount of files to the amount of infected files. I don't think it's an "abnormally" large percentage.

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    I found another one. You'll wet yourself laughing.

    What FILEHOOVER is saying is that ESV will be the most difficult of them all for the RIAA to fight against. Technology will always become more advanced and as it does, so will ESV. We have the best programmers in the world.

    Basically, it is easier to go after the people who are using shitty programs like Kazaa and Emule because these other P2P programs reveal all of your IP information on a simple dos command called netstat. Within seconds, your ISP is also traced. They dont need to sit at the computer and do netstats, they already have perl script floating around that automatically collects the information into databases.

    What FILEHOOVER is getting at is that all of the other P2P Programs were not built for security, they were only built to handle multi threaded file transfers going in both directions, hence: HOST/SERVER - SERVER/HOST. In todays world, you need security. The RIAA isnt going to spend money and waist resources going after people who they know that they cant prove shit against, hence the ESV users because of the different methods applied to protect yourselves that are invoked into ESV.

    They will go after all the KAZAA users, Emule Users, etc who openly provide the information. Against Kazaa, EMULE and other P2P program users, the RIAA is guaranteed success in court. Against ESV, they wont even try cause they know they cant prove anything.

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    bit like bad blue.

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    es5 crap.

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    I wonder when & how much for the money pitch.


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