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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Hi everyone! I just signed up for this forum recently, so I thought I'd introduce myself. On the K-Lite Forums/Old Invision Power Board Filesharingtalk forums, I was known as downloader2008, and had quite a few posts. (not as much as some people though!) Once a lot of the admins, a lot of "Senior" members, and more people left, I stopped posting/visiting these forums for a while, occasionally checking by to see what was new. I have decided to signup again, as I noticed that the old forum was completely gone. After reading a few topics, I was a bit surprised to see a few old familiar users, still actively posting. You may remember me, you might not. Well, I guess that's all I have to say, and I hope to be a part of these forums again!

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    Welcome home then

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    When were you here?
    You know me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat Faced
    Welcome home then

    rossco_2004 When were you here? You know me?
    I'm not saying I know everyone who would actively post in the old forum, but from reading a few topics, quite a few s/ns are familiar to me.


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