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Thread: Sim City 4 Install Help

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    I've just installed SC4 but have reached a total impasse I keep getting 'please insert the correct cd-rom, select Ok and restart application' whenever I try to start SC4, and have tried inserting both CDRs but no dice. I gather I'm supposed to copy the crack from disc 1 (?), but to where??


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    im guessing u copied it direct from the original cd. Because if u did, its a little thing called protection, u gotta get a simcity 4 no cd crack mate. then copy that into your c drive program files and simcity 4000 folder, then click on that icon and it will load up, here you go ive put the crack in my shared folder im jimmywhiteisthebest@kazaa #

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    At least you got a good copy of Sim City.............. that game was the last straw for me and Kazaa when it comes to .bins.......................

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    Thanks for the reply KLF. Still no dice, though. I copyed the NOcd crack into the apps folder, clicked and got the 'install and done - enjoy' bit, clicked on the exe, but SC4 refused to start, despite much grunting from the hard drive.

    Any other ideas?

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    Right, a bit more background needed..

    Did u d/l the game... and if u did where from...

    Now, if u didnt burn the game to CD and used a virtual drive... mount the image and then explore the CD for a folder called crack and in there u should see the sc4.exe file... copy that ( ctrl+c ) and then go to ur desktop... right click on ur sc4 shortcut and click properties... now find target and then paste ( ctrl + v ) and then click yes to overwrite... HEY PRESTO ... it works...

    If u did copy the images to CD... just explore the CD then follow it from there... do everything ^^^^ up there

    If this doesnt work then... im afraid ur kinda fookered....

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    Guess I'm fookered then Have tried this and still the same problem: it huffs and puffs but fails to load up.

    For background I downloaded from KaZaa and had them on two discs (coasters, now?) - dunno if it's worth downloading other files and hoping...

    Thanks for help, though.

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    hi mate i had the same problem,but got the nocd crack and did wat it says in the posts above when u click on the new simcity icon that it creates the screen goes balck except for a little arrow if u leave it for a while the ea logo comes up and the game launches,hope this helps

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    Will try again but maybe with different files.

    Is SC4 actually worth it??

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    what do you think

    search a no cd crack


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