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Thread: Note To Rookie Via PM Regarding Content Fun Slap Choices

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    Perhaps Im bored or just annoyed at stupidity or foolishness or could be something else.

    Anyway heres my thoughts about the BIG job of content filtering that has now become oohhhhhhhh so important and crept onto this board like some sorta fkin creepy freak in a circus that has...
    As much as I like the Team and all its seems some of them are so fkin bored by the lack of activity on the board and the clear cut fact that they have no real life, no I wont mention names, that they sit around sifting through every fkin post and remove borderline posts due to their judgment of content only to create more post as to why the fk it was removed ffs.

    Ive only had this happen once or twice but have seen it all over and its a fkin joke and shows the maturity of who got the tools to waste their time on this even though otherwise they may be doing the best of jobs. Oddly those two things may go together as some sort of obsession in both ways.

    Its rather pathetic that someone here has decided to pass judgment of the content of each and every post and weather it deserves to stay in a post or is to banished, its really becoming annoying and a fkin joke how bored some people are that they spend the time to make such trivial borderline decisions in the illusion they are doing some good while they only create useless hostility and division between the members, those that are still here anyway, and themselves.

    If you care about this site, which is questionable, you may want to address the Team that this sorta useless behavior is not of any benefit of any sort nor did I think there is a contest at some point where will be going up against other boards for the CONTENT awards nor did I think we were to adhere to content regulations and that this was to be such a stiff experience as I dont recall it ever being this way in the past nor on any other board, NONE, that Ive been to, this board has now become quite special in that way.

    I can see if its clear cut crap then ya remove it but frankly no harm no foul. Sitting around making these choices of deletion is really a rather sick characteristic in nature and its becoming clear that some folks just get a rush in deleting stuff as its ohhhhhhhh so fun..
    Well I added and took out some stuff but mostly added ffs.
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    Perhaps someone can properly do some real moddong and move this where I meant to post it in...
    Everything related to this board.

    EDIT: I was thinking if you dont move this I could just post it again in the proper section and then you will have something to do like deleting this one, yaaaaaaaa what fun, Addditionally you could even post that its not proper to double post and quote some random spew from the rules whilst you grab tight your Dik Tracy Badge and Fairy Wand tightly against your boosom ffs...
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    for the recored I had nothing to do with this.

    but I agree 110% its easy to pick and choose what you like and don't like and judge it on your own skewed scale.
    and when questioned justify it by whatever fits to you.
    cliff's don't be a nazi mod.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muchspl2
    for the recored I had nothing to do with this.
    STFU and keep the car running...

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    I just don't want this to come back to me, I PMed several people after getting the run around from guitar slinger, only for it to turn out he wasn't the one that kept deleting my post.

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    Im well aware it wasnt him as Ive seen his style long enough and Im also aware who it was almost for sure.

    As for coming back to you, just do as I said and keep the car running Ill be out in a second, just gonna grab some smokes ffs...
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    Good one.

    A post to Rookie moaning about the team.

    You might as well shout it loudly, he only comes here to spam his shitty fucking sites.

    The team are doing OK in hardly ideal circumstance, there is no active server admin so IKE is running around like a blue arsed fly trying to keep everyone happy, mostly by himself and without the proper permissions to do anything of substance - he has a tough job.

    The rest of the team don't have much to do, you're right, so perhaps the odd post does get deleted or poor decision gets made because of this lethargy.

    I won't hold it against them, they're doing alright and at least they are around to be able to delete posts, should the need arise.

    Brian has quite ably displayed that he cares not one jot about this site so maybe your post should not be decrying the team for their pendantry but encouraging them to redouble their efforts and maybe get IKE - or whoever - promoted to server admin.

    That way it won't matter if Rookie never comes here ever again
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    I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I'll use them as a bludgeon on his face. -

    --Good for them if they survive.

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    is everything.
    The mods do seem to have a real hardon for off-topic posts in the EATB section and yet alllow some serious spamming to go on in sections they probably don't ever visit.


    Edit: Oh, yeah. In before the inevitable lock.
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    Well i havnt got much time to say this gotta go soon ya see. but i agree with everything Manker just said. While the mods are working there asses off he does jack all, infact as this another problematic thread in which he should be here posting and so forth. Well he's online (On MSN i mean, not the board silly )

    And don't say he might not be at his PC, he's on 56k, so why waist money being on MSN and hogging his phone line when he's not there, unless he likes throwing money and stuff away.

    For me now the only good admin was BOT and IKE, i never new VB so can't comment and Paul....well thats another story.
    James says: - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    grr - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    what should I do about it?
    James says:
    listen to what people say and try and make the site better insted of just not posting at all and letting IKE take all the blame - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    I do try to post - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    it's just that I don't have to much to say via filesharing
    James says:
    you dont have to say anything to do about filesharing
    James says:
    just about the board in genral
    James says:
    people have wanted new skins
    James says:
    and have made susgestions in the everything about this board section
    James says:
    but nothing ever happens
    James says:
    and slowly your $13,000 investment is loosing members and value - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    I don;t have the ability to do the new skins unless I pay a programmer - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    I need people to find skins and then I'll do that
    James says:
    loads of skins have been susgested
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    @IKE - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    IKE has permissions
    James says:
    not ftp - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    he's basically the same as I am
    James says:
    he would upload skins - - Yap out to the World Anonymously says:
    well if he asked I'd give it to him
    James says:
    make all the changes people want and such

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