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Thread: IP tracker

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    Just wondering if theres any software i can get that will give me the ip address of someone one msn??? so i can sit chatting to them then find out their ip??
    I dont want to hack them or anything just thing some wierdo is suing two identies is all but if they are i know they are too dumb to use different machines for it.

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    through MSN you'd need to make a direct connection by sending a file or something, and then looking for changes in the results from netstat.

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    Ok to demonstrate complete noobness, whats netstat?? google threw up a ton of stuff????

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    start -> run -> type in 'cmd' -> type in 'netstat -a'
    without ' marks

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    Ok again to be a noob, anywhere i can read up on how to use that function and understand the data it spits out??


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