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Thread: bandwidth control

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    Feb 2004
    sup ppl

    what ive been trying to do is download and play online games at the same time but im having problems.

    when i had a 56k connection i could play online games without any problems, maybe a little lag.

    but now i have broadband and when i try to play an online game with azureus downloading and set to 30k max upload and 30k max download i cant play nothing without getting disconnected from servers every 2 minutes and serious lag?

    i should still have like 10, 15k to play with which is more than my first connection, ive checked with a bandwidth monitor and azurues does stay to the set 30k upload and download settings.

    how can this be can and can anyone give us a hand please.
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    I would not suggest running a BT client while playing an online game. Your downloading will suck the bandwidth right out of your router, and leave little to none for your game, lagging like a mother. Do not run a BT client. That is, unless you have a T1 line of sorts, but you do not.

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    ya BT requires a lot of connections so even if you are not downloading very fast the internet stil goes slow.

    you can try netlimiter though.

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    ok, thats that idea down the shit box.

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    Unless you change your upload to half, making it 15. Whaen you play online you're not just downloading, but uploading as well. Now I'm on 2MB dsl, but my upload is 256k... the same as most 512k users, meaning I can only upload a max of 32kB/sec.

    You're maxing out the upload, and minimising the download.

    Try setting upload to 12-15k and download to around 25-30 if you plan on playing online. Be sure to change these back again when you're out of gaming.

    And yes it does work. I do it alot with eMule, and my ping only rises by 5-10


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