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Thread: Why Is It Never As Simple As It Seems

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    Why is it when i wanna download some software its never THAT simple?

    I download something then get the key generator then off i fly into a new programme for hours.........or so i thought it would be that easy!

    ...............but NO!!! programmes start asking for cd`s n sound libraries n stuff!

    S o i go and search for the `cracks` which i download and folow instructions but NO!!

    i can never get em to work or they have loads of stuff missing!


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    Just see it as all part of the fun of being a Kazaalite user!
    All the hours spent messing about, searching for keygens that aint fake, cracks that aint viruses, can be saved by pulling the green stuff from your pocket and buying what you want. If like me, you have empty pockets, you put up with the frustrations! I've lost count of the dud files, keys and gens I've cleared from my harddrive! Delete an start again!

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    or you could just use the verifieds?

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    or just buy it!

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    basics your not on your own there !!
    But The enjoyment having cracked whatever after searching hours
    and finding wrong crack versions etc !
    Aint it worth it in the end ?
    Sure is for me.
    Be patient and your rewards will multiply.

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    if i had the money or we all had the money we wouldnt be ere now would we

    bah humbug n gravy


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