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Thread: Games won't play on my pc :(

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    hi guys, some serious trouble occur when I play some intensive 3d games on my newly upgraded computer (P4 3.0E / ASUS P800 Delx mb/ 512mb / RADEON 8500 / Samsung 191T LCD / Win Xp pro SP2). The computer plays all new games very smooth with 1280x1024 medium or below medium detail.

    But then, with most of the games involved 3d graphics, the game won't last for long because after aboout 3 - 20 mins of gameplay, the screen got all messed up.

    *Here is a screen capture of whats going on with Call of Duty: United Offense demo when the error occurs.
    *The game still runs, sound is still on, and i manage to esc>quit>yes back to desktop
    * below is a screenshot of what happends after i quitted to desktop

    as you can see my desktop is also effected by the error occured in the game, and i usually have to restart pc to get back to normal.

    United Offense demo is not the only game that has the problem, other games included morrowind, NFS-Underground 1, Prince of Persia 2...

    But one game never occur such error is the original CounterStrike.

    I have tried many different approaches to fix the problem, what I did was
    - Used 3dmark 2005 to generate a detail report of my system
    - ugplug graphix card from motherboard, blow off some dust and plug back
    - update the the latest radeon driver
    - update windows xp fully

    but nothing works, what other options i can exercise? Please help, thank you fro reading.

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    looks like the video card is either:

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    It definitely fits the symptoms of overheating. Check that the video fan is spinning.

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    are u overclocking that 8500?

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    thank you guys for the input. I just opened my case and hope it can cool down, the video card fan is on, and it's hot in there, my comp. doesnt have any fans except cpu and video, so i guess heating is difinitely the source of the problem. thank you for all your input, and i am not overclocking anything, i simply dont know how to.

    i guess what i should do now is to leave the case opened, go buy some fans and hope the video card will last till whenever i am tire of its performance and get a x800 or something.


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