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Thread: Cpu Memory Management

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    does anyone know how i can monitor what programmes are using what percentage of my cpu?

    ive got mem turbo which does an absoloutely fantastic job at freeing up ram instatntly but i need something to solve the problem in the long term.

    im currently running on a p4 2.0 40gb ge4 mx440 256 ram

    but am constantly left with 30percent power after runnin kazaa


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    k, what windows version?
    if you got xp, Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and check the Performance, Proccesses, and Applications tabs.

    If you want to find a way to free alot of ram.. no program will make it *higher*, you need to purchase physical ram chips to actually speed it up for games and stuff.

    256mb ram is actually alot and should let kazaa run fine, so u need to do the Ctrl+Alt+delete thing and get rid of some apps running.

    Also, goto run: type msconfig.. goto start-up programs and uncheck any u recognize and dont want.
    If there's a *blank* program that starts up, that's a virus/spyware.. Uncheck that right away

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    Yes, if you are running Windows XP Home/Professional Ctrl+Alt+Delete will engage the task manager. It includes CPU usage, etc.

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    not got xp yet am using me!

    ive looked at all the programs included but nothing tells me which programme is using what amount of power!

    ive removed items from start up which i dont require but like i said ive only got 20/30 percent power left after running kazaa

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    A program called "memo kit" tells you exactly what apps are using what memory.

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    what os are you using then?

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    Originally posted by MERLIN@31 March 2003 - 00:56
    now thatz just spam....

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    Hey basics,
    Sounds like you need to run "msconfig" and stop all the programs you have running in the background from starting in the first place.(start>run>"msconfig", go to the "startup" tab)
    Hell, you only need "Explorer" and "Systray" running in order for your computer to work.
    Alot of programs will annoyingly want to run in the background. You will need to open these programs individually and go into their "options" or "preferences" and tell it not to start or load-up when your computer is powered on. (it should be obvious what to click)
    They will run only when you need to use(click on) them.
    This will also decrease your boot-up time.

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    several posts here are gone... weird... and msconfig has already been said ... but i guess itz gone... yes msconfig works well

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    memory management programs are not the way to go with windows xp.

    xp does a fine job of managing memory itself and actually using programs like those can have bad results such as taking away memory from other programs that are running that need the ram too.

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