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Thread: ip address?

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    Hey, there was this one forum i liked to go to but i got kicked out for being a little too harsh, and now whenever i try to click on forum on that site, it says "you're ip address has been banned" . So, i was wondering, is there a program that emulates various ip addresses for you, so that I can get around this issue? sort of a requesting a "fake ip address" i guess.

    Is there a trick to do it?

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    Proxy although perhaps your unwanted now...

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    Lookup "Complete Anonymous Web Surfing"
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    One second search on google:

    There mostly good. You should test it out here
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    WHoa...thanks for the link ariel..i'm a newbie to this how do i apply the stuff on this site?

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    i have no idea what to do...i'm not very computer literate i guess...

    or that other site with the proxy lists, where do i feed that address in? or how does it work?
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    (assuming your using internet explorer) Go to internet explorer properties, (right clilck the icon on the desktop) Go to connections tab. select your ISP connection, hit settings. In the proxy settings section type in the proxy server you want to use:

    If there is nothing listed there then click the "LAN settings" button and use that.
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    Try this one:

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    oh, so i just simply copy and paste the proxy address in the list that they have available on that site for U.S. and BAM!! that's it?!? there an expiration on these things?

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    No, unless it goes down.

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