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Thread: Internet Famous

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    is everything.
    I need some examples of people who are "internet famous", people like Maddox for instance. A lot of people who spend far too much time on the internet know who he is but I'd say no-one in the real world has ever heard of him.

    Any ideas?

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    Over here!

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    kevin metnick
    or any other famous hackers
    virus creators? (viruses)
    the chinese kid who got his face photoshopped
    starwars kid
    salad fingers
    other flash characters eg.badgers
    smilies eg.dancing banana
    Raol\s hakker tips (or whatever his name was)
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    Camgirl Nay is internet famous. She was even on Oprah once - or Rikki Lake, I forget.

    She is full of plastic goodness, yum.


    Is Stile internet famous

    Also until the Anchor butter adverts weebl wouldn't have been too famous IRL. He probably fits the criteria.
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    starwars kid

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    you have Steve Gibson and Blackviper who are properly famous i guess...people like i.n are more "this forum" famous
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    The Internet Celebrities Quiz, 2004

    Question 1
    Who is this famous man?
    A. Lawrence Page

    B. Tim Berners-Lee

    C. Riddick Bowe

    HINT: In the late 1980's, he designed the World Wide Web, and later launched the first official web pages in 1989. Recently, Queen Elizabeth knighted him for outstanding service as a British citizen.

    Question 2
    Which Internet company did this man create?
    A. KartOO

    B. Inktomi

    C. AOL

    HINT: Steve Case founded a company in 1985 that grew to become a massively-popular online service. Millions of people use Steve's service today as a daily part of their lives.

    Question 3
    Who is this famous
    Phone Phreaker?

    A. Gore Vidal

    B. Gary Larson

    C. Kevin Mitnick

    HINT: This Phone 'Phreaker' is the hero of Internet hackers and crackers around the world. Now released from prison, he is the most famous hacker in history, and the bestselling author of "The Art of Deception".

    Question 4
    Which two Steves founded the world of Apple Computers?
    A. Steve Vdorsky and Steve Yang

    B. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

    Steve Austin and Steve Buscemi

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    Question 5
    In 1995, Jeff Bezos founded what Fortune 500 company in Seattle?



    Question 6
    President Clinton awarded these two men the U.S. National Medal of Technology.

    A. Joel and Ethan Coen

    B. Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn

    C. Leo Tolstoy and David Suzuki

    HINT: These two men designed TCP/IP networking protocol, the way we beam HTML pages around the Internet.

    Question 7
    David Filo and Jerry Yang developed what service?
    A. MSNBC

    B. Altavista

    C. Yahoo!

    HINT: These two Stanford University electrical engineering students started a directory service in 1994. It grew to become "another hierarchical officious oracle".

    Question 8
    Marc Andreessen designed what popular Internet software?
    A. Netscape Navigator

    B. Napster

    C. The Sasser Virus

    Question 9
    He hacked Citibank in 1995, stealing over $10 million USD.

    A. Warren Dickie

    B. Vladimir Levin

    C. Michael Yee, Jr.

    HINT: He was caught at Heathrow airport in London, and later sent to jail for three years. His cohorts were similarly jailed.

    Question 10
    Which online business did Pierre and Pam Omidyar create?



    HINT: This couple founded a small web site in 1995 that focused on selling goods across the Web. It later grew to be the single most successful online business in human history.

    Question 11
    What software did Shawn Fanning create?
    A. Napster

    B. WinAMP


    HINT: Because of Shawn Fanning's efforts, nearly 90% of American college students used his file-sharing software between 1999 and 2001. Outraged by the resultant free sharing of copyrighted music, Dr. Dre, Madonna, Metallica, and ARIA took Shawn to court, and he was ultimately forced to discontinue his product in its free-sharing form.

    Question 12
    Which operating system did this man devise?

    A. Palm OS

    B. Longhorn 06

    C. Linux

    HINT: Linus Torvald devised a powerful operating system that is freely available to the public. His product has achieved eminence for promoting "open source" (free-and-customizable) software for personal computers, and has provided a powerful alternative to Windows.

    Question 13
    In 1981, he was the first person to ever be arrested for a computer crime.
    A. Ian Murphy

    B. Pete Mansbridge

    C. Nicholas Melissinos

    HINT: Nicknamed "Captain Zap", he later became the inspiration for the Robert Redford movie, "Sneakers"

    Question 14
    Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded which popular search service?



    HINT: Sergey's and Larry's service has become so popular, its name has been added to the English dictionary as a slang term.

    Question 15
    James Gosling created an "Oak" computer language. It was later renamed to what?

    A. Ethernet

    B. Java

    C. Perl

    HINT: That language later became a huge part of Internet technology, cell phones, Coke machines, and computer games around the world.

    + plus the dude that does presentations for microsoft - the screaming guy

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