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Thread: USB Fan Control

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    I just got a USB Fan and want to know what sofware can turn a USB port on and off either by scehduler or if possible is there something like SpeedFan that could only turn it on at certain degrees perhaps. I got it to circulate outside the pc since I wanted some extra air movement but dont want it running all the time though...

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    never heard of a usb fan so found a pic

    the only things i found to disable usb ports are
    locate the "Usbstor.pnf" and "Usbstor.inf" files. Right click them and under the Security tab, select the Deny check box.
    Disable USB What about other USB peripherals? Or you can just disable it in the registry. The key you want is at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBSTOR. in that key there is a value called "start" you want to change the value data of this from 3 to 4. this will disable all USB Storage devices from this machine. I believe you can create a Group Policy to use this. Also if you are really paranoid you can disable USB Hubs also, They are the the keys above USBSTOR (usbhub and usbhub20) this is done the same way. This makes it so you can not use a USB Hub on the machine also.
    with the last one you could probably make a batch or .reg file which you clik to start and stop.

    never tried this

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    The last one cant be correct since in my registry they are set to "4" yet i am able to access my usb stick.

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    Well I dont want to disable all the ports just one of them so that wont work...


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