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Thread: Saw + Shrink ?

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    1, I have aquired a poor cam of "Saw" and it ends where a bloke covered in blood lying on a bathroom floor picks up a gun to shoot this other bloke who then electicutes him in return. Can anyone tell me is this the end of the movie or am I missing much ?

    2, I use Tmpgenc & VDub to convert and edit, cut/join mpg's & avi's. I was wondering if there are any automated programs out there that will open a movie and will shrink the file size to a custom size without having to work out all the bit/frame rates etc ?
    I keep getting movies of like 900mb and I have to chop them up or .rar them up to store them on cd.
    I cant afford a dvd/rw burner so please dont suggest this :-)

    Thanks to anyone who can help and Merry Christmas <;-)

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    same thing here
    u can now download a 13 meg saw file which is the end

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    Not the end BT sites have the full movie DVD rip very good I have it will say no more do not want to post spoiler short by a few mins

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    Get saw here

    Adam (Leigh Whannell) and Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) wake up chained to pipes at opposite ends
    of a dirty utility room. They soon learn that they have become the victims of the Jigsaw, a serial
    killer who devises intricate situations to get his victims to kill each other. Pitted against the
    clock and each other, the two must work to outwit their captor and save Gordon's family, who have
    been taken hostage by the killer.

    Size: 700,20 MB
    Length: 1:43:4
    No of CDs: 1

    Codec: Xvid
    FourCC: xvid
    Bitrate: 810 Kbit/s
    Width: 576
    Height: 320
    FPS: 23,98

    Codec: MPEG Layer 3
    Identifier: 85
    Bitrate: 117 Kbit/s
    Channels: 2 (stereo)
    Samplerate: 48000 Hz
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