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Thread: Ok How Do I Install Lunx

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    I burn the cd and whn i put it in nothing happens, do i need to do what... run it though a emulator..boot form d?...what?...

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    what is linux is it an OS. where can i get it

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    yes it's an os.

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    what distribution is it, what version of that distro,
    your first step should be to somewhere like, or
    for documentation, linux is not like windows, you need to know your hardware specs, and have some recourse if something is not supported, google is your friend, use it often, do research, the linux community loves to help you but only if you take the time to try and figure it out on your own first, they dont OWE you an explanation or there time so dont act like they do(fair warning, i learned this the hard way) but above all , backup your data before attempting anything

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    Well which linux did u d/l. I have d/l Linux Mandrake 9.1 yesterday. All you have to do is go and go to downloads and get mandrake linux 9.1 .ISO click on the server leads you to an ftp site and u d/l all 3 cd. After that you use your burning software and burn as an .iso Once you done that all you have to do is pop in drive and it will auto run and take throught the process od installing. Also if you want you can install as second OS and dual boot if you would prefer.

    Now im not to familiar with Red Hat but i think its exactly the same. All yo have to do is go on site and d/l the .iso off the ftp site.

    Use Nero prefibly for the burning software it is the easiest for me.

    Good Luck!!

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    To install linux I am guessing stick the cd in, if autorun doenst start then goto My Computer > D: (Or your cd drive) > install.exe or setup whatever.

    OR you reboot your comp with cd in

    BE WARNED, If you are using windows and want to install linux then well, it will reformat your hdd, but Im sure you could partion it so you dont have to reformat your hdd

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    Download Mandrake Linux 9 in ISO format. Burn the 3 different ISOs directly on the 3 different CDs using Nero Burning ROM. Download Partition Magic 8. Create a partition and convert it to ex2 or ex3. Format the new partition. Restart and put the Mandrake Linux 9 CD 1 in. If you don't know anything about Linux, I would be very careful.

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    If you don't know anything about Linux, I would be very careful.
    If you don't know anything about Linux, I would not install it

    that desktop may look familiar, but i assure you its very diffrent. Im not saying dont experiment... if youre putting on another computer... good go play, but dont replace your copy of windows (or try fdisking) unless you know what you are doing.

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    chears guys

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    How's Your installation working so far? Does it find everything?


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