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Thread: Stop EA From Owning The NFL Rights

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    My sisters b/f told me about this ealier. I think its great news.

    EA ownage.
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    nah. i think its better for both of them to aim at casual gamers. no NFL representitives will understand or care about EA's take on the gaming industry

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    it won't work, the contracts are already signed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muchspl2
    it won't work, the contracts are already signed.

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    Well, that sucks balls.

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    This is just my opinion but...

    if EA has enough money to have complete control over the NFL in videogames, i feel they have a shitload of money backing themselves up and within the next 2-3 years they will make some amazing advancements in video sports,

    and if im wrong about EA, well thats kind of sad, in recent years i feel there compition in sports games has surpassed them, im hoping things will change, but if they dont well the what the fuck EA?

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    ea really whores.

    it makes great games, then abandons them with crappy patches.

    take BF1942. thank god for modders.

    they release patches and as soon as bfv is announced (pure crap) they abandon it.

    + they make expantion packs that should be free patches.

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    The end of sports game development at Microsoft Game Studios is one that can now be viewed as having two last gasps. The first was the one felt when Microsoft laid off 76 employees attached to the NFL Fever, NHL Rivals, and Inside Drive teams in early August. The second came sometime within the last three months when the ink dried on a contract that saw Microsoft sell its Salt Lake City-based studio responsible for the Amped and Links sports franchises to Take-Two Interactive. The sale was revealed today during Take-Two's earnings call.
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