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Thread: Athlon Xp 2500+ Mobile Help

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    I just recently put my new pc together, the motherboard is the Abit Nf7-s, i have 1 gig of Muskin ddr 400 ram, i have a geforce 5200 fx vid card, a 200 gig h.d., volcano 12 cpu fan, and also the mobile athlon xp 2500+, i booted my system for the 1st time today and it says the processor type is unknown and its speed is 600mhz, can anyone help me get it back up to the right speed?

    thanx peeps


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    I'm not sure if that board can support mobile processors but it should.

    Go into the bios and increase the fsb to 266mhz.
    I'm not sure what the multiplier is supposed to be though.

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    ok i will try that thanx

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    Try 200Mhz and the multiplier 10 or 11.

    BTW, he said 266Mhz, YOU will put 133Mhz which will equal the 266.
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    i will try and change the multipler to 10, and set fsb for 133mhz, thanx

    edit: i just set it up like you said and stuff, but i don't know if it helped
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    i tried setting the fsb for 200 and multiplier is 11, now my athlon 2500+ runs at a speed of 2.21 ghz, is that the highest i can go?

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    Probably not, but are you stable at your current settings?
    Run Prime 95 for a few hours to find out.

    Assuming you pass (possible), then you can continue to up the FSB till you crash out.
    At some point you will have to up your vCore (and possibly your vDimm) to keep running.
    This is where you must be very wary of increased temps...a little bump in voltage will translate into a fairly substantial rise in temp.
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    i will try that ight thanx

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    'K then.
    Good luck.

    For more (LOTS more!) info on your particular setup look here .These guys think the bleeding edge starts at 2.5GB and goes up from there.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    thanx man kool site

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