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Thread: Iso, Burning, Or Download Prob?

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    got Dungeon Siege as ISO's and burned them with Nero. They worked and i started installing. Halfway through the first CD i got an error that said it had a problem with a file, something about not enough HD space or the file might be in use. I have plenty of HD space, and i dont know how the file could be in use...i clicked ignore, and the install completed for the first CD, went to the 2nd CD and got the same error for one file. The game did not work.
    Is this a problem with how i set up my Burning sofrware to burn the ISO, is this a problem with the burning software itself, or is this just a bad D/L?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Try checking the iso for errors with cdmage (cant remember the url try googling it) And then scan the iso for corruption. This will tell you if there are any errors in the file and give you the option to fix them if possible.


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