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Thread: Phoenix-Torrents shuts down!

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    Nov 2002
    Tried to go to the site and found this:

    Due to the current climate and current conditions the unfortunate, difficult and sad decision has been taken to close Phoenix Torrents down.

    We have all made friends during our time here that we would like to keep in touch with, so we are keeping the IRC channel open for chat and to get together - please use it, however as a Bittorrent site, Phoenix will not be returning.

    The quickest and easiest way to get to our IRC channel is to install MIRC and copy the following to your browser


    We've had our ups and downs during the last 14 months, but mostly its been a ball. Without your support it wouldnt have been possible so we would like to thank all the members, visitors and supporters of Phoenix Torrents during this time, and wish the other sites in the community every success.

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    Youceff torrents is down to. Does this have anything to do with the MPAA, and UK Police?

    EDIT: YES.
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    Very sad news, i found Phoenix one of the best sites around, not just for the files but also the forum, i made many friends, learnt a lot and helped out where i could.
    Very sad news indeed.


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