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Thread: Coursework Help

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    Hi i have this coursework to do and i am really stuck in it and have no idea what to do. I have tried a few ways but no luck. the program is to be written in c++ so if anyone can give me help and alot of it it would be grateful.

    The system he requires is very simple; he needs to have the ability to renew the membership of existing clients, to enrol new clients and to generate letters to remind clients whose membership is about to lapse

    The program should:

    define appropriate user-defined data types (enumerations and/or structs) to model the data of the application.
    read the client data from the data file and store it in a convenient form.
    enrol new clients.
    renew membership of clients.
    perform a search through the data for clients whose membership is about to run out and generate a reminder letter.
    save the client data to a data file.


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    good luck writing this in c++
    I had to do a similar project last year and i ended up with 14 pages of my usual unreadable badly commented code. it got deleted off my uni drive last year unfortunetly.


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