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    Hi I was wondering... since this is the Closest to a DVD player type forum. I was wondering which DVD player (Specs, brand, etc.) is best suited for a Kareoke Background. Sorry to ask such a question a friend was wondering. Also when lsitign your Models please include a price range on it. Thanks for you help.

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    You can probably find out more by searching via I put a search in for Karaoke DVD and came up with The new FujiLink Karaoke / Movie Player at the Singing Store. Has spec and price. A place to start....... B)
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    Just get a DVD+/-RW drive that is compatible with CD+G. Then burn it to DVD-R/RW or DVD+/-RW your choice. Then play it in your DVD-V player.

    Or, get a CD-RW that is compatible with CD+G and burn it and play it in a regular DVD-V player.



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