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    Well... I downloaded Kingpin off Kazaa, installed... but when I played... everything was all red and the grapgics were messed up, I searched a few places, and some other people ad this problem, I downloaded a patch, but when I tried to play again... it asked for a CD... anyone have any help or something... a No CD crack for the game... the game is kinda old... so... my chances are low...

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    I had the same problem with the version off kazaa, i read somewhere that its because its a pirated version, but i dont know how true that is because i also downloaded the official demo as well and that was exactly the same, so i just put it down to the fact i didnt have a graphics card that supported opengl, as this is the only option ou have with this game.

    But someone i know, who has a top of the range graphics card tried it as well, and he got the same problem so im not sure what causes it to show up all black and red squares, but i admit it is unplayable like that.

    for a nocd crack try here and you might be able to find something for it, but as to fixing the problem im not sure there is a fix.

    If you have any luck please reply back as i would love to play this game properly, and it looks great and the music is quality (cypress hill soundtrack)

    hope this helps


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    a No CD crack for the game
    try this site

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    I found a crack... but about the game being messed up cause I downloaded it, I've found that to be true, cause whoever put that file out on Kazaa switched all the .TGA image files with .JPG, to may the file smaller, but the game need to have TGA files... not JPG... that results in the messed of textures and graphics and such... as for it not having sound... the guy who put the file out also switched the .WAV files with .MP3 to make the file smaller... he made the file smaller to download.... but he screwed up the game... so... now... maybe I could download that file... run the patch... then the no-cd crack... but it probably won't work... I guess the only way to make it work it to covert all the JPG back to TGA and all the MP3 back to WAV...

    I'll try that one later

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    i had the same problem i just thought it was down to the game being made for voodoo graphics cards OpenGL and all that jazz

    i know ive had a problem with OpenGL winamp visulisations b4 so i just put it down to that

    also my brother had the same download as me and it works fine on his pc he has a voodoo banche (dont know if thats spelt correct)


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