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Thread: Cobra Bios Released (GC)

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                             - COBRA FOR VIPER GC V0.2 -                       
                             (Proof Of Concept Version)                        
                               15th of december, 2004                          
       You didn't expect it to be true, right? Well, guess what... it IS!      
       As of today, no need for PSO anymore, you can boot your code directly   
       from the GC drive using DVD-R or Mini-DVD-R! This also includes the     
       ability to boot your backups.                                           
       So what do you need exactly ?                                           
          - A Viper GC chip                                                    
          - This very flash file                                               
          - Some Compatible Media and a DVD- burner                            
       In fact, we wanted to release the first version of our Viper BIOS       
       around Xmas time, but it appears that some fucker leaked a -PRE-ALPHA-  
       version two days ago together with a screenshot (fuck you Vincenzo),    
       together with a screencap. We decided to release a proof-of-concept     
       version as soon as possible so that people can stop spreading rumor     
       about it (and DON'T USE the pre-alpha as it has some major bugs).       
       We feel it's totally natural that most people did doubt it was true,    
       as most of them have been waiting for such a solution for years! So     
       now those people can try the thing for REAL :-).                        
       USER MANUAL                                                             
        - Flash the Viper GC with this BIOS then remove the parallel port      
          connector from the programmer (well, their manual says so)           
        - Turn on your GC with an ORIGINAL DISC in the drive.                   
          If there's no Title Screen coming, but the original BIOS instead     
          it's probably that you messed up your viper install:-)               
          Check that it's clean (and no wires crossing each other etc...)      
          If you have a black screen coming, it's probably because you have    
          some wierd BIOS we don't support (and don't know about) yet.         
        - While turning on your GC:                                            
             - Hold X if you want to boot Original BIOS instead                
             - Hold Y if you want to boot Original BIOS with region-free hack  
             - Don't hold any button if you want to run DVD-R :-)              
        -  "PLEASE WAIT" should appear. then "SWAP DISC NOW!" and the GC       
           disc is stopped (and laser off). As soon as you see the disc is     
           slowing down it's safe to remove the original disc and put your     
           DVD-R instead. After a few seconds the drive will start to spin     
           again and disc will boot (if you didn't have enough time to do the  
           swap trick, turn off the GC and try again)                          
        - Remove the top of your GC if you want to use full-size DVD-R         
       THE MEDIA                                                               
       The GC drive only eats DVD-R, MINI-DVD-R and single-layer silver DVD,   
       it doesn't work with + media or DL at all.                              
       But, like Xbox thomson drive, it is very "sensitive" to the brand of    
       media you're using. Some are working better than others, some even      
       NOT AT ALL! So better check what media other users recommend.           
       After a few tests here is what we think:                                
       - For DVD-R, most media are working, except some cheap no-names. On     
         some drives only the best media is working really fine.               
       - BUT FOR MINI-DVD-R it's more tricky. We tested the following brand:   
             SONY DVD-R 1.4GB handycam: doesn't work                           
             TDK DVD-R 1.4GB scratchproof: doesn't work                        
             MAXELL DVD-R 1.4GB: sometime boots, but then loose sync           
             DATAWRITE DVD-R 1.4GB: on some drives it works 100% like the      
                   best DVD-R, but on some other drives it just can't sync     
                   (when it does its working perfectly)                        
       In fact, we have some idea on how to improve the compatibility with     
       bad media in our next BIOS. For now we really suggest you to find       
       a good full-size DVD-R media, and get the opinion of other users.       
       You don't need to encrypt the disc or use a special burner firmware     
       to write the disc. Just burn your ISO/GCM (we use Nero).                
       Maybe different burners will lead to different results too, for now we  
       just tried a cheap NEC burner.                                          
       REMEMBER, THIS IS A PROOF-OF-CONCEPT-VERSION !                          
       There are probably lots of bugs we need to fix including:               
       - Sometime the "SWAP DISC" message doesn't appear (or disc doesn't      
         slow down/laser is still on). If this happen to you just turn off     
         your GC and try again (ok, this is clearly our fault :-)              
       - If sometimes after you swapped a disc there is a sync problem with    
         the DVD-R and origial BIOS is not loading, then try again. If this    
         happen very often, then you need a better media.                      
       - If the drive becomes idle for a couple of minutes, depending on the   
         media you're using it might loose sync, and hang. This is also a      
         bug of ours we will track. For now, if this happens to you, avoid     
         "PAUSE MODE" in games.                                                
       - Audio Streaming doesn't work. So, the games/programs using the        
         special streaming commands will work, but instead of a nice MUSIC     
         you'll hear annoying NOISE :-). We'll have a look at those issues as  
         well !                                                                
       - Doesn't work with multi-discs games yet                               
       REMEMBER, THIS IS A PROOF-OF-CONCEPT-VERSION ! All those problem        
       could be fixed in a next update, except for media maybe (if someone     
       wants to try laser tweaking we'd be interested by the results!)         
       Note that on screen there's a two digit number corresponding to your    
       GC version (right after the Cobra Version). Here are the current        
       versions we support: 14,16,18,24,26,28,34,36,38,44,46,48. If you have   
       another version, then we don't know about it yet...                     
       you know it's REALLY working. Most of thoses tools only work because    
       the current pso loaders patch libraries routines to emulate DVD. But    
       on REAL HARDWARE, each file/fst has to be aligned on a 4-byte boundary! 
       Else nothing will work. Audio Files (for audio streaming) even need     
       to be aligned on a 32kb-boundary ! So forget current "WIPE" tools until 
       they are fixed.                                                         
       THE FUTURE                                                              
       Apart from fixing the current bugs, we have plans to make a (better     
       looking) real GUI, and some other surprises :-)                         
       For coders it's a bit(!) annoying to burn DVD-R for each test. We'll    
       try to work on a better solution (either using BBA or viper debug       
       CLOSING WORDS                                                           
       Special thanks to E*Flash for his help, and RoM for the early units.    
       You are free to redistribute this package as long as it's not changed,  
       patched, ported, or whatever.                                           
       Our code is free of any copyrighted code from third party.              
       It is also free of any GPL licensed code, we have strong respect for    
       other people's hard work. We only ask you to show similar respect       
       toward our work. To put it in other words, if you are in the "right"    
       side, draw the line between learning and stealing. Thank you.           
       That's it for this NFO, hope we didn't missed some important point.     
       Have a nice day :-)                                                     
     X          ۲   ۲ ۲  ۲ ۲ ۲ ۲       X

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    Ok....stupid question here, is this for the PS2, or GameCube?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMartin
    Ok....stupid question here, is this for the PS2, or GameCube?

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    GC = Gamecube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gam3Guy
    GC = Gamecube
    Yes, I know But seeing that the site is a PS2 site, I wasn't for sure.


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