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Thread: Submit your Site to 48 Search Engines

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    I havent tried it yet but wha tdo you think?
    (need to finish my site first)

    Just found this from here :

    Download here:

    Send your site to SEs

    I’m giving SoftwarePak’s Site Submit search engine submission software free of charge. (yes, /me is allowed, it is not warez)
    What Exactly Can The Software Do?

    Website submission software makes it easy to submit (and then resubmit each month) your websites to 40 of the top search engines. Click a button….wait 10 seconds…and you’re done. Don’t pay others to do what you can do for yourself! The Software engine Database is constantly updated and always available for FREE so you can rest assured your software submissions are always current!
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    so is it 40 or 148 search engines?
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    Quote from AresXP
    I offer SoftwarePak's Site Submiter for free (I'm allowed)
    Search Engine Submission
    Submits to 148 search engines
    3 submission modes
    Automatically have your site submitted to the engines each month
    View all submission reports made by the system
    but i just looked at the program and it looks likes its forty....dont know what the blank ones are.....
    sorry i just read the quote - so its 48 sorry his typo and mine


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    And I bet 39 of 40 of them engines are adware search engines.


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