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Thread: Is Winamp Really Uninstalled?

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    I recently dlled winamp from the website. After installing it, toying with it, I decided to uninstall it. I went to add/remove programs in xp, uninstalled it. Now, even though it should be gone, when I go to play a media file it queues up in winamp! (Which theoretically isn't there) How do I change this back to load Wmp or Musicmatch?

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    right click on the file and "open with"
    then choose whatever player you want it to open with..
    thats it !!

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    You must hold shift and the right click. Otherwise you wont see "open with"

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    I think I need to make myself a little more clear. After uninstalling winamp, it should be out of my os, right? Well, the audio files queue up with Musicmatch, but the video files still show up as winamp media files. So when I right click them, at the top of the box that appears - open with winamp. I want to know how to get rid of this nuisance! Please anyone - Help!


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