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Thread: Pisexy invites

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    that looks like a good site. are there any invites arround ???

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    I know this is a late reply but what kind of site is it? Torrent site? Porr?

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    Looks to be a torrent site. I've seen mention of it somewhere, some seem to think it's a pay site, which is just a scam. Others think that it might be a closed torrent community, though I doubt it. Not that there are not really good closed/pay torrent communities out there. However generally when joining pay communities (they occasionally might let new members join, if the number of members drops below a certain level or they have the capacity to serve to thousands more, or for a one time fee). In case nobody knows, some sites operate on a one time join fee and donations.

    Closed torrent communities is an halfway decent idea, though thier safer than open communities, torrent traffic is still unencrypted and it's easy to know that a bittorrent user is connecting to a particular tracker/site and even figure out content by it's hash, there is definite mim vulnerabilities and centralized aspects to the communities and bittorrent in general.

    Soon or later filesharers are bound to figure out that rather than bittorrent and other vulnerable p2p networking, something like ants, i2p, tor is better. Currently only one has a good client though (hornetp2p), still they all are being heavily developed and are the future of filesharing.

    Unfortunately anonymous secure filesharing is desperately needed due to the outright abuse of p2p by the mpaa/riaa and others. Many filesharers, which may not intentionally share copyrighted/illegal content are scared and may either stop filesharing or reluctantly continue to risk doing standard p2p.

    Interestingly enough it's possible to form closed filesharing communities using ants and it's jeti plugin (jabber messeging), it's even possible to tie such communities together through a public network via it's basic integrated irc bot. Even anonymously host verified websites through it's network. So really it could be seen as an anonymous and secure bittorrent (bittorrent 2.0).

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    It is a invite only private community, there is no fee involved in sigining up, donations are accepted, There are lots of other closed communities such as pisexy and they are not all scams. I've been a member there for 20 weeks and have never been asked to pay any fee.

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    4,604 is just another Bittorrent site it's actually ABC Torrents. Not a scam site or a pay site. It's a community were you have to sign up before you are able to participate. And yes to sign up there you need to be invited. It's a nice torrentsite.

    Quote Originally Posted by their invite system
    Abuser - 0 invites (upped 25gig+ ratio above 1.50 => 10 invites)
    Power Abusers - 10 invites
    Power Whore/Ho - 15 invites
    Extreme/Insane User - 20 invites
    Trusted member - 50 invites
    be4 you ask, sorry i don't have invites for that place

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    I have Invites, and they get renewed once a week, I might be tempted to give some out, but as we are pretty serious about low ratios there I'm not gonna invite anyone that can't prove they know how to keep a good ratio, what i'm looking for is a screen shot of the profile page of a torrent site you belong to, to qualify I must see you have a ratio above 1.05 and have uploaded a min. of 25 gigs, I also want to know what site it is. you can edit out any other personal info.

    If interested send to

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    I've got more invites to give out, they just got renewed again, so same rule as above applies. If you dont have the proof or the ratio dont bother asking however, I've had a number of e-mails from people who didn't match the above requirements. Those that I've previously invited sofar are doing good keeping up their ratios, and I will continue to hand out invites until someone screws me over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPaul
    Thanks anyway, I'm not jumping thro' hoops for an invite to a BT site.

    All of my ratios are above 1 and I feel no inclination to prove it to someone just to get invited onto another one.

    You want to send me an invite, cool. If not also cool. No probs either way.
    Congratulations on being a member to other BT sites, there are lots to choose from, and I am simply giving those interested another one to think about. As you dont appear to be interested in joining then forgive me if I save an invite for someone who does want to join...

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    i'm a member there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wI-OSMAN-
    i'm a member there.
    And I see that the site has lots to offer you, 160 gigs downloaded, we'll have to talk about your ratio though...
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