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    okay, i'm getting really fed up!!

    almost every time i try and play a film with realone player, or windows media player i keep getting a box in the middle of my screen that says somthing wrong with ddhelp.exe, and the prog. doesn't work - so the film doesn't play...

    any idea what is causing it?
    any idea what i can do to fix it?

    am running:
    1.2 athlon
    762mb pc133 ram
    8+gb free on 40gb hard drive (just defragmented)
    win 98se
    ntl 128k cable modem


    I love sharing films and music, but if i can't play them, i might just give up... and stop... forever...don't want too...

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    Try installing another media player (other than windows and real).

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    hi there !
    not a lot of info to go on, but it might pay you to uninstall realone player and i'll assume you are using Windows Media Player 9. if not , download and get all the codec plugins(K++ has got them all) and it will play everything you throw at it. sometimes two players operating on Windows 98 will clash and send out the bug boxes.
    hoping this helps

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    ddhelp is part of DirectX. Make sure you have the latest version installed. Also, try going to Start - Run and type in "dxdiag" (and hit OK). This might give you some insight into the problem.


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