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Thread: Font help!

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    I used a font on my old pc that should be installed when you install Office but for some reaosn i dont have it. Can someone crawl into there fonts foolder and host it for me please.

    The font is called CalifornianFB, thanks in advanced! Would be dandy if i could have it quick though as have some photoshopping to do and need it .

    The filename i need is Califr.ttf and Here is the link to prove its installed with office.
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    Hmmmmmmmm well iv got the font now, but its not showing on MS Word, Photoshop or any other programs? The file is .ttf like most of the fonts in my font folder.

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    some apps don't always use all fonts in ur fonts folder. For instance, AIM doesn't allow u to use every font u have..don't know why.
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    Usually when i copy fonts into my font folder a little box comes up with like installing an dit installs them really qwuickly but i get noothing on these fonts?


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