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Thread: Need help with Hercules 9800 pro.

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    Hi guys. I am very disappointed with my new Hercules 9800 Pro card. I got the card of ebay for decent price. I went for hercules because I just loved my Hercules geforce 2 ultra card which broke down. After installing it and installing the latest drivers, I only get around 7-13 fps with max settings in Nba Live 2005, Madden 2005. On Medium settings, I get around 21-27 fps. My system is P3-600, 320mb ram, windows xp (sp 1). I mean i know i have an old system, but with this powerful video card I would expect much more, since I don't really notice over usage of cpu. I have tried Hercules drivers, Ati, and Omega. With my geforce 2 ultra i could play most games on low or med settings very good. Not nba since it only has 32bit res. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I would also like to hear from everyone that has the Hercules 9800 pro to see how the card performs for you.


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    is it getting enough power?

    (btw, the only person that really profits from being loyal to a brand is the company owner , shop around, especially if your gonna dish out that much cash (im not saying hercules is a bad brand btw, i dont know jack shit bout GFX card brands))

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    A PIII 600 MHz with Windows XP and low performance?

    Time to upgrade the system if you're looking for high performance.


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