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Thread: COREL or Photoshop?

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    worldpease's Avatar always annoying
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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    What program do you think is better
    (asuming you have tried both)...

    I recently upgraded to COREL 12,
    but Ive used it for a long time in it preceding vertions and I been always sitified with its results.
    But I heard somewhere that you coul work Black n Wite Pictures and give them realistic color, is that true?

    And if I plan on geting Photoshop,
    whats the lates vertion to get?
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    orcutt989's Avatar Blargh
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    Dec 2003
    Photoshop CS is the latest version.

    I have only used Corel once or twice, and found it a bit hard to use, and Photoshop takes up less rescources, and is much easier to use. You can also do much more in photoshop. Photoshop is also compatible with many other Adobe products.

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    I've tried both and personally, I'd say Photoshop was the best by a mile.

    I used Corel Photopaint (and hated it) during my studies of the last couple of years, and imho, compared to Photoshop, it's the most stubborn, non-intuitive, unuseable POS app that has ever darkened my desktop.

    However, what it really comes down to is what app you're most used to.
    I taught myself how to do gfx by using Photoshop, so of course I was never going to be comfortable using a Corel product.

    The way Corel does things just seems far too unwieldy to me. For instance, creating a drop shadow in Photoshop is the work of a moment, but in Photopaint, it often became a fight to get the same result.

    Oddly though, the opposite applies when moving on to vector graphics. Adobe Illustrator is a right b*****d, but Corel Draw is the shiznit - to me, anyway. Others may disagree.

    Latest version is Photoshop CS, but you won't miss much if you get Photoshop 6 or 7 if you're just getting started.
    The older versions are easier to find cracks for too.

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    worldpease's Avatar always annoying
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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    Oh, yea I understand what you say...

    And about COREL, its true it seems hard to use, but once you get the idea, its great.
    But on the other hand, for what Ive seen here and there, I think that Photoshop is a lot easier too,
    I guess Ill give it a try too.
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    Apr 2004
    Adobe owns Corel


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    of those two, photoshop.

    but fireworks mx 2004 beats them both.


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