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Thread: forum of my own?

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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    Hi, there is a friend of mine, and he was telling me about this free host that lets you make a forum, lets you create it or something like it and he saaid, hey, lets do it!...
    Is it true that you can do it?
    and, is it advisable?
    Cus to tell you the truth, the idea is starting to feel temptin,
    has anyone tried it, making a forum of your own?

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    Aug 2003
    ya you cna do it. Usually they have limited options like no ftp and stuff (so you cant put any skins) and they make you keep an ad banner at the top.
    But it's fine for just learning how to use the forum software.

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    Try it out with a dummy forum on You can reskin these boards if you like with skins of your own or from the IF Skin Zone.

    Like rossco said, there are Google ads, but anyone with a modicum of sense has them adblocked anyway.

    And remember, simply having a forum doesn't mean people will use it
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    My favourite is Clic!dev.
    Think it's one of the few free hosts with so many options in customizing a board to your liking.


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    Bannerless free IPB v1.3 forums with free hosting.

    Not bad if you're just getting started. I have a small community with forumer and have had very few problems finding out how things are done.

    I wouldn't want to run a large community with them though, as they host tons of free forums, so things can sometimes be rather sluggish during peak hours.


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