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Thread: Randy Johnson to Yankees No More

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    The Dodgers have reportedly nixed the trade that would have sent Randy Johnson and Kaz Ishi to the Yankees. They said that they didn't feel like the trade benefitted their organization.

    Now what do the Yankees do? Do they try and trade for another high profile pitcher, or do they start the season with their current rotation. I truly believe that Randy Johnson is about over his peak, and will only have an average season this year.

    The Yankees would have had to part with Javier Vazquez, who is one of the better young pitchersin the game.


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    That's what Everyone said last year...then he pitched a perfect game...

    I think that as long as randy steps on the mound he will always be a force.
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    Yep. Randy Johnson is still a badass. You don't go from being that good for that long to average in just an off-season.

    I am from Houston and people said that Nolan Ryan and he went on to play almost ten more years, won numerous Cy Young Awards, and pitched one perfect game and one no hitter.

    How long have people been saying that about Roger Clemens? Six years? Eight years? He won the Cy Young last year with my Astros.

    Randy Johnson is still one of the best pitchers in baseball. He's played or such shitty teams for so long, and still wins 20 almost every year. Randy Johnson is without a doubt, still a force in baseball IMO.

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