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Thread: Dvdxcopy 3.2.1

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    Well since my first Post got edited :-(
    I will rephrase my question,
    Is it possible to get a new or reset license for DVDXCOPY v.3.2.1 Platinum?
    I have one that came with the package but it has been used to many times, and will not work.

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    u'll have to find the keygen on ur own. try a p2p app.

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    why not use freeware tools?

    DVD Decrypter/ DVD Shrink
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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    why not use freeware tools?

    DVD Decrypter/ DVD Shrink

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    Yup. I used to use DVDXCOPY Platinum but I now use DVD Shrink. Much better and you don't end up with a splash screen saying "DVD Backup" at the beginning of the DVD like DVDXCOPY does.

    And it's freeware.

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    Download a newer version at

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    Thank you for your help I use all of those as well, but a friend gave this to me and highly recomended to me.
    oh well!!
    I did how ever get this email from it was not much help.

    Sorry for your troubles. These are the common reasons for not being
    able to activate the software.

    You need to activate through an Internet connection and be online.
    Run the software for the first time and then enter your License ID
    and Password. Once it is activated online for the first time, you do
    not need to be online to run it there after.

    Please check the format of the short date on your computer. To do
    this, open the Regional Settings/Options in your Control Panel. Make
    sure that the short date is set to m/dd/yyyy otherwise the activation
    will not work.

    Please be sure that you are using your correct License ID and


    2) DISABLE your firewall if you experience problems when you try to activate:
    Click settings > Control panel > Security center > you can then turn
    your firewall off for activation.

    3) If you are an international customer, MAKE SURE THAT THE DATE on
    Your computer is the same as it is in the USA. (The date needs to be
    set to the date in the USA in order to make the Activation work. You
    can reset it to the correct date after Activation.)

    Make sure Antivirus is turned off during activation and operation of
    the software, as this type of software will prevent your computer
    from connecting to the activation server and could cause problems
    during operation of the software.

    We donít know why the activations might or might not work for other
    resellers. We will do our best to trouble-shoot any technical
    problems you might have with the software, even if you did not buy from us.

    If the above fixes did not work you may be eligible for a replacement/upgrade.

    We are not the former 321 Studios or DVD X Copy. As you might know,
    321 Studios is now out of business. We are simply a reseller of
    their software that we bought in bulk before the ban. Therefore, we
    cannot be responsible for any rebates, refunds or guarantees offered
    by the former 321 Studios or DVD X Copy. Please understand, we did
    not receive your payment if you bought from them so we cannot give
    you your money back.

    The activations may or may not work on the DVD X Copy software that
    other resellers have sold or are now selling, but the activations
    work fine for the software we are selling. We donít know why the
    activations may or may not work for the software sold by other
    resellers. It is possible the codes have been resold and/or used
    over and over. Or it is possible they were bought and sold on the
    gray market after 27 Feb 04 and were not good when the retailer
    purchased them.

    We just know our pre ban software that we bought directly from 321
    Studios before 27 Feb 04 is good and continues to activate over and
    over for our customers. That is why you will see our 100%
    satisfaction guarantee on our site. If you bought from us and we
    cannot get the software to activate and work on your system, or if
    you bought from us and you are unhappy for any reason, you will get a
    full refund from us, on the spot.

    We will do our best to trouble-shoot any technical problems you might
    have with the software, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT PURCHASE FROM US. This
    includes any and all support issues that you might encounter.

    If you are experiencing an activation error 100, rejected by server,
    or any other activation problem, and you canít log into your account
    at, it is beyond our control. If your
    License ID has been deactivated, we cannot turn it back on. We do
    not have the capability to fix or turn on a License ID that has been
    turned off. We are very sorry but you will need to go back to the
    company you purchased from to see what they can do for you. (Refund).
    This is also the recommendation stated in many of the forums and on

    However, it is our hope and intention to build confidence in DVD X
    Copy software so that we can continue to sell our remaining stock.
    As a result we have been helping people with an activation problem
    for the last month and offering a replacement/upgrade for those with
    a bad code.

    Therefore: even if the license ID you purchased was used many times
    and wont?activate, it is still a valid license ID. If you have your
    License ID for DVD X Copy Platinum, Gold, Xpress or the original DVD
    X Copy, you may be eligible for replacement/upgrade on our website.

    Our replacement/upgrade will come with one of our new license IDs and
    will be guaranteed to activate and work for you or you get a full
    refund. Please go here to register and see if your License ID is
    eligible for a replacement/upgrade:

    We hope this will help you with your problems.

    Best regards

    We are not in anyway associated with the former 321 Studios or


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