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Thread: where can i get the best price for...

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    1)smackdown vs raw for the ps2.

    2) the multi tap for the ps2......actually, i was wondering, will the multi tap for the ps2 work for the ps1? or did they even upgrade?

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    it might help if you told us where you're from. i'm not going to bother posting links for the uk if i find out you're from iraq now am i?

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    oh okay.....i'm from california in the U.S.

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    "You can do it, Ebay".....

    The multi-tap for ps1 works on ps2.
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    oh really? cool, hm.i there much of a price difference on the games and stuff like this from game store to toy store? like usuallly they cost around like 35 bucks right?

    and well, i can't use ebay, cuz it's supposed to be a little christmas gift for my little cousin, and he can't wait 30 days for the bid to end to get it

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    can you make your own? i know you can make a 5-way pc one with out any components

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  9. Games   -   #9's more expensive than i though.......well, thanks for helping me out..

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    OH NOOOOOOOOOo i called up hella game stores on those two items, and for the multi-tap, they told me they're discontinuing it from their stores for the old multitap model and it seems every store i called only has the new multitap WHICH ONLY WORKS for the slim ps2 model

    a person at frys told me they're selling the multi tap for the slim ps2 model but SUPPOSEDLY it's universal and will work on any.....but i have no proof of that yet.

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