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Thread: Photo mishap

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    Okay, so I recovered my images but this is how they turned out.

    As you can see, on the left hand you can see the whole image and on the full screen it's screwed up. This happened to most of my pictures.


    My question is.. how do I repair it? If on the left hand side you can see it perfectly well, why can't you on full screen?

    Also, I used a cracked version of Photorescue 2.0 but when I save, nothing happened so I made a full backup. Is there any program that can extract the contents of a CIB file?
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    pic is messed...I tried opening in photoshop CS and it says the file is corrupt.

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    Of course it is corrupt, I want to fix it.

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    I don't think there's anything you can do about it.

    I tried with all my imaging programs and they all open it with grey at the bottom except for Fireworks MX 2004 which just shows scrambled up crap at the bottom.

    how did this happen, anyway?
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    Did you accidentally delete it and then recover it?

    If so, when you delete a file in Windows, it's not actually gone. Windows just marks that area as free space. When you recovered it, part of the file may have been overwritten.
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    Hmmm. Interesting problem.

    I'm not sure if there is a solution. Try searching google to see if there are any recovery methods.

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    I've had this problem too, don't know what to do about it. But I'm pretty sure I know the cause.

    It happens to me when I move the camera after taking the picture. Didn't know til recently that there's a lag between the time you press the button and the time the picture is actually taken, and it looks like that's what happened here.

    Here's the top of the guys head right?

    But when you blow it up

    You can see a definate motion blur, which probably indicates you moved the camera too soon after taking the picture. Don't know why it cut's off the images when you do that, but it stops if you keep the camera there until it's fully taken the picture. Try it out, don't know if that's what happened here, but that was my problem.

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    You see the memory card read "Memory card error" and I had to recover these images. AFter recovery, it turned out like this. This is a sample photo, I have more.


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