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Thread: PAR/PAR2 Files

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    you will end up runnin into these files in the newsgroups
    (if the person who posted knew wtf they were doing that is)
    these are recovery volumes, and essential IMO
    if you plan to use the news groups, an app to handle PAR files is a must

    i use QuickPAR, but theres others out there
    with it you can:
    -scan and recover lost/damamged files with the provided PAR/PAR2 files
    -create your own PAR2 files for posting

    you'll still need most of the file, because PAR files arent cd images
    but just think of the shit you're gonna scream if you dl a 1.5 GB file...
    and find out one of the rars is corrupted
    well if the file includes PARs, you could still save the file

    about QuickPAR...
    you dont need to install it, just unrar/zip the file and its ready to use
    open up the main window:

    then go to options to set it up
    set it to associate with both PAR and PAR2 files
    and intergrate into the shell,
    that way you only have to right click a file(s) to create PARs,
    or double click a PAR to scan a file
    (if the PAR files are in the same folder as the file, as they should be)

    i dont mess with the rest, never had to
    yEnc @ 3000 lines works fine...
    and the CPU priority is up to you

    thats about it, the app is fairly simple
    the rest is pretty much user preference
    like how big of a recovery archive you want, etc, etc
    if there seems to be a lot of questions about it...i'll expand on this a bit
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    what if no pars or posted on a big file?

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    Make a request for some...

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    Nice little quickpar guide

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    wow, par files rock
    Downloaded something at 2gb and it wouldn't work, then I just ran the par files and it fixed it right up.

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    hi every1, i just wanted to say thanks alot for this guide and the others on newsgroups! I always wanted to try newgroups but i always thought it was to difficult, based on last time i tried to use them 2 years ago. But now w/ these guides and the software available its really not difficult at all! Found some cool stuff on some of the newgroups. according to my isp retention for binaries is 4 days 60 days for text, 4days seems ok for me. Thanks Alot! :-)

    edit: really not sure on the retention for my isp, it may be 6 days, the good thing is i get 200KB/s download speeds. which isn't alll that great considering on some torrents i get 620KB/s
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    I should have read this great tutorial before I deleted a complete dvd. Oh well, we all had to make a start somewhere.

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    what is newsgroups? how con you guys see the movie did the newsgroups mack the movies am new help i Download QuickPAR,too

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    wow I posted in this thread a long time ago
    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me


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