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Thread: Naughty And Nice 2004

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    thought this was pretty enjoyable.

    by Christy Harvey, Judd Legum and Jonathan Baskin

    The Progress Report makes this year's holiday list and checks it twice

    Naughty: Ron Artest, for punching out the front row at an NBA game.
    Nice: Mark Cuban and Dallas Mavericks season ticket holders, for offering 140 front row seats to American soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Naughty: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, for sending U.S. soldiers into battle without the equipment and armor they need to fight.
    Nice: Grassroots charity groups like "Give 2 The Troops" and "Operation Gratitude," for sending care packages, supplies and reminders of home to American troops abroad.

    Naughty: Merck, for spending millions to market the pain-reliever Vioxx to consumers long after the company knew it was unsafe.
    Nice: Dr. David Graham, of the FDA's Office of Drug Safety, for fighting to keep dangerous drugs off the market.

    Naughty: Bernard Kerik, for turning an apartment donated for weary Ground Zero police and rescue workers into a love nest for his adulterous affairs.
    Nice: Miramax Films, for putting the kibosh on Kerik's summer blockbuster biopic.

    Naughty: Congress, for underfunding the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). allocating "$164 million less than needed to cover the expected 24 percent increase in home heating costs" this winter.
    Nice: Richard Hamann and his wife, Donna, for paying the electricity bills for the entire town of Anthon, Iowa, because they wanted to give something back to their community.

    Naughty: NRA Radio, for broadcasting anti-gun-control propaganda and calling it legitimate news.
    Nice:Ed Schultz, Arnie Arnesen, Tony Trupiano, Thom Hartmann, Wendy Wilde, Al Franken, Katherine Lanpher and the rest of the Air America crew, for showing progressive radio can be thought-provoking, hard-hitting and fun.

    Naughty: Department of Homeland Security, for omitting "major sites" like chemical plants and dams from its unfinished national database of potential terrorist targets.
    Nice: Department of Homeland Security, for including "water parks and miniature golf courses" in the national database. At your local putt putt, the terrorists never win.

    Naughty: The Environmental Protection Agency, for using camcorders to bribe parents into offering up their toddlers as guinea pigs for a study about the dangers of pesticides on children…sponsored by the chemical industry.Nice: The Natural Resources Defense Council, for fighting to protect kids from the harmful effects of pesticides and chemicals.

    Naughty: Right-wing conservatives in the House of Representatives, for changing ethics rules so Tom DeLay (R-TX) could one day be their indicted leader.
    Nice: Whistleblowers like Bunnatine Greenhouse, Richard Foster and Paul O'Neill, for holding our government to a higher ethical standard.

    Naughty: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, for letting a machine do his work (and not hand-signing condolence letters to grieving families).
    Nice: Ashlee Simpson, for letting a machine do her work (and not forcing us to listen to her natural singing voice).

    Naughty: Medicare head Tom Scully, Rep. Billy Tauzin, Rep. James Greenwood and trade representatives Ralph Ives and Claude Burcky, for using public service for personal benefit, taking lucrative, top-dollar jobs with the pharmaceutical industry they had formerly regulated.
    Nice: Rep. Henry Waxman, for using public service for public benefit, compiling reports on everything from the Halliburton to undue secrecy in the White House.

    Naughty: Russian President Vladimir Putin, for single-handedly shutting down the press, jailing his political opposition and trying to validate his hand-picked, fraudulently elected lapdog in Ukraine.Nice: Viktor Yushchenko and supporters of the Orange Revolution, for fighting against all odds -- including poison -- to bring democracy to the Ukraine

    Naughty: Bill "I Like Families" Donahue, for using his pulpit to launch partisan, hate-filled attacks.
    Nice: The Reverend Jim Wallis, for teaching us something about real "moral values."

    Naughty: Alberto Gonzales, for crafting memos which provided legal justification for torturing detainees.
    Nice: The International Committee of the Red Cross, for exposing brutal treatment of detainees in U.S. custody.

    Naughty: EPA administrator Mike Leavitt, for blaming pollution on poverty.Nice: The Union of Concerned Scientists, for giving us the facts about global warming, pollution, clean energy and the Bush administration's ideological approach to science.

    Naughty: Sinclair Media, for planning to run an hour long anti-Kerry screed as "news" just before the U.S. presidential election.
    Nice: Media Matters and the blogosphere, for forcing Sinclair to change its plans. (And continuing to demand that Sinclair stop broadcasting one-sided political spin.)

    Naughty: Sen. Norm Coleman, for using the oil-for-food scandal as an excuse to launch an attack against the United Nations.
    Nice: U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, for launching the first serious attempt to reform the United Nations and bring it into the 21st Century.

    : The Kuwaiti Hilton, for giving Halliburton's employees a place to stay while they bilked US taxpayers.
    Nice: Paris Hilton, for bringing the "simple life" to Washington, D.C.

    Naughty: Bill O'Reilly, for claiming Christmas is "under siege."
    Nice: Americans, for not laying siege to Christmas.

    Happy Holidays from The Progress Report Team and everyone at American Progress, dedicated to making America a little less naughty and a lot more nice.
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    Ummm...Sounds a little too "left" for me

    The FST group

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    Nice one

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    Well at least someone did something useful this year. Unlike me who got into a fist fight with his ex and wasted a year away doing nothing except for some tripping.

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    It made me laugh

    Quite a few people should be on Santa's naughty list this year.
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