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Thread: sharing internet connection

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    i am having a hard time sharing internet connection, anyway here is the deal

    2 XP computers
    1 crossover cable
    TCP/IP protocol used to link them together(LAN. i can share the files without any problems)

    i can ping between computers, share files etc. but cannot share an internet connection, tried ccproxy software which was pretty much useless. i dont want to use the software. i'll be more then glad, if any of u can solve this problem for me!

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    On the host puter' you can also select "My Network Places" and in the left pane select "Set up a home or small office network" under Network task. Then just follow the network wizard.
    When you are finished it will ask if you want to make a floppy disk that you can take to any client puter' to run to set it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    IKE i tried that, but couldnt get it to work, dont know what was the problm or where i went wrong, 1 thing for sure, i did everything according to this website!!!

    Use a router, it's a much better solution and you can get them really cheaply nowadays.
    i was thinking about that, dont know which one to buy, mybe u could put me on right track if i tell u what i got atm and what i need...

    i got external usd adsl modem, i just need a router, not adsl route or shell i go for a adsl router. never used one of these i dont know what is the speed like on these adsl routers. can u connect external usb adsl modem with the router?
    if u know any good routers then that would be a big help, uk price!!!!


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