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Thread: GBA Flash Cartridges

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    Anyone know a cheap place I can get a 64 or 128MB cartridge? Need the link cable too.

    Getting one for my brother and one for my cousin.

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    its already christmas.....did you get it for them? ya know there is google....just compare prices everywhere....

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    No, it isnt google. It is some secret- government servers that have this information. It is extremely hard to come by, but luckily I took 10 hours out of my day to decrypt the information from the servers closest to my house.

    EDIT: The first site has the best quality, and prices around. I know this because of friends and fellow users on this forum who have used it.
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    I think i might go with this one.
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    Yep, was lookin at that yesterday. Only need 64 or 128 though.

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    I got a couple of these to go with the gba's I bought my kids for christmas.
    The website that sent them had a great delivery service (I live in the UK and recieved my carts in 3 days) I also asked them to declare the item as a gift on the customs form so I could avoid duty charges which they did.

    As for the flash cart itself I have had no problems with it so far (although the product has had a few bad reviews). It may cost a bit more than you were looking at but at double the capicity it might be worth it.


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