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Thread: emuleless in seattle

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    I've set up a static ip address as well as forward the ports for an actiontec 1524 router, and emule plus v1.1. So that I can get a high ID
    After doing this my emule and everything else will run great for about 20-25 min, before my internet connection shuts down on both computers connected to router. I've tried having both computers use static ip's, as well as having the ip's assigned by the dhcp server (and forwarding the ports after I know the assigned ip address). I've also tried using very low up/download speeds. None of this seems to work.

    I think it has something to do with either the tcp port (as the udp port can stay open for long periods of time, without causing any problems). Or my isp is shutting down my connection, because of too much traffic (do they do that with DSL connections). Also I only know the basics about port forwarding vs port triggering<--could this cause it?

    I'd be very grateful for any information/help anyone can give with this problem.

    P.S. I have taken some screenshots of my emule statistics, if my connection activity will help anyone understand this problem better I will be glad to share.
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    Have you tried limiting the connections in your client.
    Also if you have SP2 take a look at this perhaps...
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