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Thread: strange problem

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    I'm hopjng someone can help me out with a strange problem I'm having with kazaa. Firstly I'm using Kazaa lite along with the attached registry file that was posted in a thread somewhere on this forum. Also on cable networked with a router running XP Sp1.

    I have had kazaa installed on and off for the last few months with all the default settings, ports forwarded on my router and firewall configured. Now this might sound hard to believe but everytime I would download a file one of two things would happen, either it would start immediately and downlaod at above 500KB/s or it wouldn't start at all and just look for more sources. Every single file that started would rocket up to above 500KB/s and stay pretty constant however occassionaly there would be dropouts.

    Anyway as of a couple days ago I reinstalled kazaa and ran it with the exact same options and settings but now I can no longer get speeds above 20 - 30KB/s on most files. I have tried playing around with all the options, also running without a router but I can't get it back to how it was before when all downloads were above 500KB/s. Has anyone ever had any similar experience with speeds that high and know how I could get them back up there?


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    your speed depends on the maximum upstream of all your sources, obviously. try downloading something really common, a modana song, or something with a ton of fast sources

    and you mentioned you were behind a router? try running KaNAT (Tools > KaNAT)

    also, do the incoming port in k-lite and and your router config match? i changed the default one to 65000 somethin in my K++ which is commonly unused, so a bit faster. plus, isp's seem to be limiting (sometimes even blocking) the default ports used by p2p clients. so, i changed it
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I understand what your saying but the kazaa I was running was very strange in a great way. Again I know it sounds weird but EVERY file I that would start downloading whether it was software, pron or anything else would not go below 500kb/s no matter how many sources. I've tried downloading the same files now but I can't get it back to those awesome speeds. I've tried without a router but still the same issue. I've also got the port in the 65000 range which is the default with this version of kazaa.

    Attached is the reg file I was running for the nodes.
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