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Thread: Interesting website - Eurobilltracker

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    Just wanted to tell you about EBT. If your country doesn't use the Euro, then you problably won't be very interested in EBT. But if you live in the USA this site might be interesting:, and in Canada:

    EBT is a website dedicated to track Euro bills around Europe (and the rest of the world). The users (41.574 right now) register the serial numbers of their notes, adding them to the database.

    When you register a note, the website tells you where it was printed and where it started circulating. And, if you're lucky to have one of the 4.954.936 notes already registered, it also tells you where it has been before reaching you, and who had it before.

    The countries with most users are Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, but there are many active users in many other countries.

    EBT isn't as big as Where's George or Where's Willy, but it is growing!

    If you're interested or just want to have a look just click

    Please note: There is a referer number on the URL, please leave it there if you're registering. I don't win anything by bringing people to the site, it's just a way to see how many people follow my link. (as you can read in EBT's FAQ - "One point worth mentioning is that the referees get absolutely no financial benefit by refering new users to the site. We all do this just for fun.") Thanks!
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