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Thread: Ever heard of calebstation7

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    they say it is the most secure P2P app out their. Any one try it ??

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    I honestly can't tell whether it's supposed to be real or satirical But it looks like a rip-off of Earthstation V. Even says it in the "Why Choose CS7?" page:
    Our HQ, however, is located deep in Antarctica, and guarded by vicious polar bears. I'd just love to see the RIAA try to deliver us a subpoena. Also, as anyone with a rudimentary math education knows, 7 is greater than 5, therefore CS7>ES5.
    Why someone would want to rip off ES5 though, I have no bloody idea

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    Looks like a big joke, cause one, its hosted on geocities, two, the webpage looks like its made by a 5 year old and 3, the way the guy writes. Its just so, so, not professional. Funny as hell though.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    I think this should be in Funny Stuff ffs...

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    We are located deep in Antarctica, where the RIAA's rule does not reach! We have trained several polar bears to guard our servers also, just in case the RIAA's goons ever did try to come out. We have a whole bunch of cool T1 lines too, and a heater, so our servers will never go down!!!!

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    While I don't think it's a joke. It does look to connect to the es5 network and users. Written in visual basic 6 (at least the installer gives that impression) and is windows and english only.

    Unknown as to what if any other differences there are to es5, however it's probably a total waste of time.

    Though if your looking for a different interface for es5, it might be better (probably, since es5's really sucked). Still like es5, it's not worth wasting time on. Go bittorrent (for lots of users and content, best client would be azureus) or ants (hornetp2p, for security).

    Actually this looks very much like an amature/child wrote it, lol.
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    Who is CS7?

    Caleb Pittman - CEO/Webmaster
    Drwtwn321 - Head Programmer
    PuNkPrInCeSs - Head Polar Bear Trainer
    Skittles Goddess - Head of Covert Spammage
    Raztro - Head of Economic Research
    CowTipper - Head of Cowtipping
    PeRFecTIoN - Polar Bear Trainer
    blackspawn - Polar Bear Trainer

    Guitar4Life - Head Manager of Standing-There-and-Looking-Important
    Monkee of evil - 1337 ninja monkee of doom and destruction that delivers tacos to the programmers/pwns all who speak against CS7

    theflinger - Massage Therapist
    Rastagard - Head of Graphic Design/creator of l33t imagery
    oxymoron5k - Jr N00B/Spammer who Spreads The Word
    D-503 - Ambassador to the Eskimos
    Darktiger64 - Senior Polar Bear
    Raven - guy who torments RIAA agents by repeatedly saying "Nevermore"

    James - Official Beta Tester
    You sure this isn't a joke?

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    I didn't say it wasn't funny.


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